Dr Anthony Cole

BA (Hons) 1st class, PhD

Welcome/Nau mai, haere mai

My name is Anthony and I am a transdisciplinary scientist and one of the Directors of iPansophy Limited. This website was created by iPansophy Limited, a New Zealand based company that specialises in transdisciplinary research and education. The mission of iPansophy Limited is to promote and contribute to the use of transdisciplinary thinking, tools and methods in education, economics and environmental science. In the past we have contributed towards the achievement of this mission through both research and educational activities.


As this revised website goes live in 2016, the focus of our work at Pansophy Limited is rapidly changing to a more educational orientation.  In February 2016 we will be launching our Panmultimedia website network. It is our hope that these websites will grow in their influence and play a valued role in supporting the educational (and research) efforts of parents, family, community-members, students and teachers. 2016 is shaping up to be a defining year for us as we move beyond this website development milestone and become actively involved in a number of community-based, technology assisted learning projects.

My background and role

I have a cross-disciplinary university training with undergraduate studies in planning/geography, an honours degree in ecology/biogeography and a cross-disciplinary PhD grounded in theoretical ecology and mathematical modelling. I have spent much of my science career teaching and involved in contract research. During my own university training I was part of a new generation of tertiary students whose studies and research were greatly enriched by access to emerging computer technology. As such, I have maintained a keen interest and active involvement in the area of technology assisted learning. I first started Pansophy Limited in 2006 as a business entity for contract research and teaching activities. However, during intervening years with the support of my wife Rhonda and children, Pansophy Limited has changed and now has a much stronger educational orientation. In 2015, after failing to successfully Trademark the name ‘Pansophy’ we decided on a company name change and thus iPansophy Limited came into existence. The timing of this name change nicely coincides with the public release of our Panmultimedia website network. Thus, my role as director and researcher of iPansophy Limited has changed and perhaps continues to be as varied as my transdisciplinary research educational interests permit.

An online curriculum vitae

This online CV is one of a network of websites that we have created to support the work of educators, students and researchers. One of our web-development goals is to create an online presence for our iPansophy staff members so that they can present their research, publications and teaching activities in a scholarly, centralised and easily accessible manner. As such, this website provides access to information about my educational background and includes a live blog feed on the latest developments in our digital publishing and research activities.


You can use the navigation menu on this website to access all other parts of the Pansophy network. Click on the slideshows in the sidebar to go direct to this product listing at learn.Panmultimedia. Enjoy!

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